Thursday, October 21, 2010

when all else is blocked...Rock, Paper, Scissors

Is anyone else hitting panic??  When the firewall is on the fritz and getting moody, grab your cubemate for a time-waster throw back.  Especially if they didn't bring you Dunkin Donuts coffee yesterday, here's how you can 'beat anyone at rock paper scissors' (courtesy World RPS Society).

But if your cubemate has been fired (because he didn't bring you Dunkin Donuts coffee yesterday), don't let that stop your game.  Practice glove?  Man...there are too many 'do it yourself' analogies for this.

--> don't worry.  i found a video about it [RPS Practice Glove]

Everyone can thank lil man Nay for bringing back the retro past time - sup Nay!

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