Monday, October 11, 2010

Playing Cards

How does one craft a commercial about a prestigious urology clinic, thinking, "you know what is going to make this tv spot on health care professional absolutely stand out?? POKER!"

And thennnn how does my Sunday afternoon hockey viewing get interrupted by that commercial? Of four friendly seniors laughing about the cards they've been dealt. Yes. Nothing like a friendly hand of Texas Hold 'Em that makes me say, "Please. Put my renals in your care." Awkward.

Other things that don't add up: walk into a bar with the girls. get approached by an irish lad. have him say "my name is Ron, it's a pleasure to meet you, i'm from blahblahblah Ireland." have me say "my name is CE-yo! and i'm from The City." to which he responds "that's nice. i want to do terrible things to you."


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