Thursday, October 7, 2010

Outsourcing the goods

Caitlin Sanchez, 14, who voiced Dora on Nickelodeon's Dora the Explorer beginning in 2007, and her parents are suing the network, claiming they were pressured into signing a complicated contract and then cheated out of millions of dollars, reports New York's Daily News.
"Unfortunately, Caitlin's voice changed and she was no longer able to portray the Dora character, as happened with the actress who originated the role," Bittler said in a statement Thursday. []
Sorry Sanchez, what exactly did you expect? Nickelodeon's tanked since Keenan & Kel was taken off the air (whoooo loves orange soda??). I know what you're all thinking about Miss Sanchez and Keenan & Kel. Please put your politically correct pitchforks down and take a solid Blue's Clue - their so-called 'talent' can be outsourced for a lot cheaper.

At age 14, you should start practicing other oral skills anyways. Like spitting watermelon seeds.

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