Thursday, October 21, 2010

Naked Girls! just another day at the office

Just an FYI. In order to absolve my conscience for taking pictures of this naked chick sitting outside The Office (on the nasty dirty sidewalk), I wasted 3 minutes of my life, 1000 neurons talking to some hipster, and accepted a flyer and two animal abuse DVDs from this posse of crazies.

They are protesting the circus coming to The City or something. You know. Since the circus abuses animal. Don't they know that animals don't really have feelings and are here on this earth only to serve humans?? Yo! Just kidding...kinda.

Here's how most guys reacted: OMG - DID YOU SEE THAT NAKED GIRL

Here's how most gals reacted: Doesn't she know it's like 40 degrees outside?? (except Jamieson, who commented "I grew up on a farm and eat red meat.")

Here's how I reacted: We've all seen the mounted police horses crap all over that section of sidewalk - and those gum blobs? Sweetie pie is walking away with a staph infection.

All I'm seeing here is fake blood and chains. How do I know you're not advertising for a Halloween Costume shop or sex fetish store? When I said, "Um, it's like really cold outside" - one of the crazies with her go-go gadget ears ran over to retort, "She knows that! She is a volunteer." Oh okay. I figured you were forcing her into bondage to entertain others (see what I did there??).

So she's letting it all hang out. While you ding-a-lings pass out pamphlets to people who don't actually care about your cause (again, the only reason I took your hand-outs was so I could get a pic for my blog). Remind me again how much you paid on those shiny, professionally done and fancily wrapped DVDs. NOBODY IS BITCHING ABOUT ALL THE TREES YOU KILLED TO STAMP DUMBO ON THE WRAPPER.

I swear. If they drive the circus out of town and I don't get to see any midgets...ohhhhh. I swear.

Put your titties away. And pack your shit.

"Higher mammal...can you read??" - haha, Madagascar.  Now that movie is the sheeeet.

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