Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween at The Office - freaky friday

MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I think our society's missing the whole Halloween point. Halloween is all about FEAR! Chil' please. The sugar and candy corn gone straight to your head. And thighs. Either way. Nothing's scarier than a dial tone.

Remember when you got to hoe it up/toe it up in college? Less is more. This one time I wore a bumble bee costume...but I digress.

Let's break down the dress up.
  • First off, we have the "Character". People can really get into this, or they can cop out on this (by just wearing a cardigan and fake glasses, calling yourself a librarian *ahem*)...but we expected nothing but all out from the XtremeWeave as good ol' Antoine. He's climbing your cube walls, snatching your copies up! Minus the education and biceps, you can't even tell a difference.
Hide ya kids! Hide ya headset!
  • Here is what's known as the "Play on Words" the stuff that'll really make you stop, think, laugh, repeat.
PR Bee "Creating a Buzz" and MissMarcy as a "One Nightstand"
  • Some co-workers went with the "FULL MONTY"
KT woof woof - fetch that file

  • ...I decided to take Halloween the twenty-something route. Take this down: it's called "Halloween on a Budget". By budget I mean to say 80-bags-of-candy-corn-later-and-play-Biggest-Loser-contestant:

tell me this isn't the most miserable iPhone app ever??
ugh. thanks SMurf

Don't know how that Jabba the Hut thing is working out for my cholesterol.

[thank J-woww for the horror flick music vid - perfect choice]

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