Sunday, October 3, 2010

it's not sunday without football. and chili.

 The above photo just speaks to me on a number of different levels.  One of them being,
Two Octobers ago, Trent Edwards was considered the long-awaited heir apparent to Jim Kelly. He was the quarterback who was going to lead the woebegone Bills back to prominence.
That never happened, not even close, and some would say Edwards helped drive the Bills further into irrelevance.
His disappointing three-plus-year tenure in Buffalo came to an end Monday when he was released, joining a growing list of forgettable QBs who failed to take the reins the way Hall-of-Famer Kelly once did. [Democrat & Chronicle]
The other level runs along the line that the Jets' tubby tackler is about to really give it to him.  Hard.

Now, don't go calling me a Bills fan.  Born and bred a Giants fan (go G-men!) - but as a Western New Yorker, I do feel some loyalty to the upstate teams.  Usually has to do with the ice storm of '93.

So this weekend the fam fell into place for our football routine...aka I fell as close to the HD screen as I could in order to get the best view of Mark Sanchez.  My dad, being the sports guru that he is, didn't even notice the family rat-dog was eating the rest of his chili.  He was just ecstatic at the idea that today's Bills game may not look so much like sodomy.  Raving that the Bills may/may not be the reason that Buffalo should be absorbed by Canada.  And that this has all been the 'Rob Johnson Curse'.  ((I know what you're thinking...Matchbox 20??  No, that's definitely Rob Thomas.  Real Smooth guys....)) 

I digress.  So!  The Old Lion informs El Prez:  Johnson got the pick over Flutie in '01 for QB1 after both had solid '00 season.  Then Johnson broke his collar bone - weak sauce - and the Bills have blown ass ever since.  Which goes to show you that you DON'T EVER MESS WITH THE MAN ON THE CEREAL BOX.

The Bengals should be hard pressed to let any of this 'sex line' press get in their way.  Remember: those women are single mothers too - think of the children!

^The Lion Himself^

i love cereal.

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