Monday, December 27, 2010

take this down.

come on! epic day for updates and blog posts...the headlines are killin me.

annnnnd tom brady, along with his slew of pampered pats, stayed in the Hyatt last night. aka directlyyy across from The Office! Xtreme creeped a few pics with his droid of ant-sized t.brady...and corkey iswas no doubt fixing his housekeeping costume for full on creeping. and you thought I was sweet on sanchez...

stranded in our fine city because of the 'winter blizzard' that assaulted the east coast. apparently they were complaining about their stay having been 'garbage' - unless they mean garbage plate (in which case it would have been straight up delicacy) then i take personal offense. be thankful they didnt stick ya'll in downtown Buffalo! for shame. mark sanchez would NEVER act so ungrateful.

other points of interest: get stuck in a mine for 60 days (unhappiest place on earth...) get sent to Disney (happiest place on earth!); hugh hef enaged to a; the 'hello kitty' smart car (as j-woww would say..."i bet its huge in japan. asians love hello kitty it's like rack to them"); 12 wacky winter sports which suprisingly doesn't include liquor ice luging...

ughhh i cannot wait to elaborate. chomping at the bit? it hurts so good.

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