Wednesday, December 29, 2010

If it gets the job done, do it.

Today began with the usual sharing of media and strange news.

Wtf with these idiots trying to smuggle 14lbs of cocaine in Easter eggs.  Uhhh yo, Tanta's Christmas. 

Come on.  Ornament?  Hot cocoa packet?  Not to be blatantly obvious: fake snow? J-woww and I were out of our minds with this.  And J-woww's a Jew.

But thanks to the trusty boarder patrol, who is highly trained to spot such anomalies as Easter eggs under the xmas tree, the perp was caught.

"Obviously two days before Christmas, this defendant didn't expect his trip would end with federal officers conducting an Easter egg hunt," special agent Claude Arnold said in a statement


Sleuth!  Poetic justice!  ...terribly clever... You know Mr. Claude Van Dam is going to be retelling that punchline at every Thanksgiving, MLK Day, Easter, and barbecue for years to come.  Like "har har har, and then you know what  I said to the reporter???"  *cue: wife pouring another glass of red, popping another valium*

On that note.  If you're going to run a covert op - don't fkn get caught.

not without plenty of board games. wtf no coffee??

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