Monday, December 6, 2010

If you have a garage. I hate you. So hard.

The one thing I miss about living at my parents' ...sneaking my lil Honda in the garage before Mom or Dad got home at night. Or occasionally ganking the keys and pulling a swith-er-oo. And then feeling zero remorse when my lil Honda was toasty and not buried under the abominable snowman in the morning. I was thinking about this while I hacked away at the Mount Everest covering my car with a sandcastle shovel at 4am. Then I thought about mailbox baseball.

So if you have a garage. I hated you so hard this morning. You know what??

Finger-flipping cross walk - Spokane, WA
BAM. That's right. Actually, that's eff you. Reminiscent of the BK FU receipt. Watch out walkers and garagers alike. CE-yo! is on a mission, and imma gitchu.

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