Thursday, September 30, 2010

Give me liberty, or give me Snooki.

CALLING ALL GRADS OF Zoolander's school for Kids Who Can't Read Good (and who want to learn to do other things good too)!  Your stars are shining today!

Right after I read that the Naked Cowboy announced his bid for the 2012 Presidential Race is when Snooki's book announcement showed up on the feed.

And that's when I wanted to kill myself.

"A girl looking for love on the boardwalk" - 'atta Snooki. And to think, I figured all she ever got was STDs and freebies. For shame, El Prez!

Now now. We could really go big places with this. The Barnes & Noble "S-nook-e-reader"?? BAM. SOLD.

Okay. That whole 'ruining the English language' thing aside. Between Stephen Colbert's address to Congress and the upcoming Naked Cowboy campaign, America is getting royally finger-banged. Two this the beginning of the Tea-Bagging Party? and will the Klassy Kat be a part of the platform?

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