Friday, September 17, 2010

Passing on my legacy, living vicariously.

This is a preemptive alumni-slash-college-nostalgia post.

My former teammate, Mac, is absolutely crushing it overseas in Espana these days. Huh...what's that like? Now a senior at my alma mater, I like to think that she will be carrying on my legacy as VP of our ice hockey team this season. I also like to think that I've set high expectations and low standards when it comes to life experiences. I'm inspirational like that.

And now she's following in my shoes with her very own blog!! First hand travel accounts of Mac and her roommate: Travel Goggles. Expect nothing short of epic.

Back in my day I went to Santiago, Chile - South America for four weeks. Don't think I slept at all. It started with an earthquake at the Colombian airport and me arriving at my host family's circa 5am, having to scale a 15ft wrought-iron fence...and ended with me almost needing a wheelchair to disembark at JFK. Have a taste:

Not only do I bring great honor to friends and family by walk-of-shaming through American airports [in a barely-there bumble bee costume and heels], but I've also left my mark across the hemisphere...The last night in Santiago, our group went to this insane underground disco. From that night I recall like one song; the next thing I remember was lying on the floor at mi casa after violently rejecting every ounce of alcohol and "aburitos" in my stomach. Thank God my host brothers and Alison, the other American, got in from their nights circa 3am, otherwise I would have missed my 5am flight - the taxi that I had scheduled with my pristine Spanish, as we found out, was going to arrive 24 hours later than necessary.

Who threw up out the taxi window, speeding down Santiago's main drag? Who tried to apply for a job at the Dunkin Donuts in Santiago's international airport? Who had to rip off the top of a garbage can in the middle of the Colombian airport to blow chunks in front of families and innocent by-standers? Who was the girl, ass-up in the garbage can, that the airport worker zipped over to assist (with a wheel-chair)? I can proudly say that I did make my way back to New York without the help of a wheelchair.

So go ahead Mac. Follow in my footsteps. That's a trainwreck you definitely want to be on.

vp1 and vp2

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