Monday, September 20, 2010

Shake ya tail feather.

I hereby declare this day: The Annual Moustache Day at The Office.

(actually, 9th floor cube dudes get the credit)
"For those seeking to...
Up your sales
Scoop more female companions
Command the attention of the room
And just become an overall better man"
There is nothing more enticing than a bunch of 80s era pedophiles walking around, creeping on you at the coffee machine. FYI fellas...facial hair is kind of icky. As in like gross and creepy. Especially if you're balding and the hair from your head has chosen to migrate to other, less appealing ears, back, stomach.

Conveniently enough, while the guys have decided to put forth all efforts to repel the female race with their handlebars, I am sporting my "ready-to-mate" peacock pin to reel 'em in...specifically Nealon...

shake. ya. tail. feather...come and get it!

**peacock feather pin courtesy of Betty.

1 comment:

  1. your one breast looks rather large in this picture... and you would be wearing that sweater... and I hope you use that feather I gave you for YEARS to come - I'm sure your future husband will remember it as the single most important reason he was originally so attracted to you.