Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What's the P.C. term for you people?

It's all fun and games until people see a midget....(elf/little person/dwarf)....and immediately think of you.

Don't be mistaken. I do NOT have a sick obsession/fetish. Or maybe that's years of well rehearsed denial. Regardless. Suga made me the happiest girl ever when he spotted the 'elusive black midget' last week:

"elusive black midget"
I love this so hard.

And I probably just made the NAACP's Top 10 Most Wanted list.

Some people get really offended when the subject comes up. The "HOW-WOULD-YOU-FEEL???" reaction followed with screaming in my face. And there's just no winning those debates. Put your politically charged pitchforks down. I'm not saying that anybody shouldn't be allowed to vote or ride the roller coaster.

Coincidentally, Gym Guy got back Stateside, having been in London during the recent Prince William engagement hysteria. He made me the happiest girl ever later last week by bringing me The Independent (a London newspaper, knowing my love for the written word). Gym Guy's exact words where that these tabloids "should sustain your for a few posts."

Center fold story: up and coming microbrewery use Dwarfs and penguins to market their goods and to protest the fact that it's "illegal to serve beer in three-quarter pint glasses in pubs"...

Nick Read driving home BrewDog's campaign for the 2/3 pint, a 300-yr old law
Have you met me?? The girl who dressed in a full banana costume for my final presentation in International Econ Theory on the banana as a commodity?? Right on.

Oh, and BrewDog stouts weigh in at 55% alcohol. Ughhh, don't tease. Gym Guy obviously wants to play matchmaker for CE-yo! and the BrewDog proprietors James Watt/Martin Dickie. Whoever came up with the dwarf idea is clearly my soul mate.

P.S. This am, J-fizz goes "Yo, there's a midget who works at TJ Maxx!"...awesome.

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