Monday, November 15, 2010

Fight or Flight.

College students divided...two things on today: the Four Loko debate, and the struggle for the Quidditch World Cup.

I'd really hate to see the Four Loko go. A12%-alcohol-by-vol, caffeinated, carbonated beverage is obviously the answer to the black market adderrall peddling going on in the library basement of every college campus. Does government really want to start that whole Prohibition thing again? Fight for your right to party.

Figures that Yale, NYU, Harvard, etc would have Quidditch teams. Do you think that JK Rowling is laughing it up at the thought of these twenty-somethings running around with brooms in their crotches??? She's probably reading up on the Quidditch World Cup write ups in the Daily Prophet...aka sitting in some fkn chateau royale, wiping her ass with the madd monies of her Harry Potter fortune and sneezing gold coins out her nose.

How about the perfect union: Bill Clinton joins the cast of "Hangover 2". That is so gangster. He sees all those Hollywood hotties trying to make political waves, and *BAM* Clinton's on set for "Hangover 2" in Bangkok (really...Bangkok. how's that taste, Hilary...Monica...registered voters?).

[Betty bringing on the inspiration]

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