Friday, November 5, 2010

Hanks is killing it with the links today

om nom VOM
Bacon flavored soda - click for the taste test vid and see how much everyone wants to vom.  Doesn't get much fatter than that.  Jones Co. also has Turkey Dinner flavored soda.  Sensory overload.

The San Fran Ban on Happy Meals - so that the kids' parents can what, order them super sized meals instead?  Kids eat like five fries and then they're done and bored with eating anyways.  All they want is the damn toy.  Plus they've done so much to make the Happy Meal healthier these days with mini milk cartons and apple slices. Face it.  Happy Meals keep everyone happy.  Caregivers everywhere should be infuriated.  Not only because of the money they'll now waste on regular sized and higher priced burgers/fries, but also because of the extra leftovers they'll mindlessly scoop up while chasing the chilluns around.  Say hello to 20lbs. 

Minnesota Mom Fined $1.5 Million - for illegally downloading and sharing songs - "that poor woman", literally.  They weren't even good songs.  Everybody's just suing on principle these days.

Really messed up Christmas gifts for your nieces/nephews -  face it, the holidays will be here in like two seconds. And my little cousins are sick of sock puppets and toothbrushes.  But I'm not sure how the fam will react to little John and little Matthew unwrapping this package:
I'm at a loss for words.

Guy reading Kindle and talking on cell phone.  While driving.

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