Monday, November 29, 2010

WTF is Cyber Monday??

Was your email just assaulted by any website you ever gave your address to? J Crew, VS, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, JetBlue, Target, Chuck E Cheese...WTF is Cyber Monday?? It's a sensory overload.

Basically the Google Gods just descended from cyberspace to tell me that I never have to take my Black Friday anxiety meds again! Thanksgiving tryptophan comas are A-Okay!

Catching up on all the weekend updates, hitting the K-Cups and now managing all of my holiday shopping via Cyber Monday is going to cut into today's tasking. We are all still coming down from the Indiana Jones/Star Wars holiday marathons. I'm still really confused that it's been 4.5 days since we all last saw each other. Hankin missed me.

Some one please get the memo out to HR and The Management. We can't be expected to work like this.

Annnnnd I just heard about caffeinated popcorn. Where was this during the HP midnight showing?? My roommates are hating that so hard right now :D

Now watch Stephen Colbert give it to Martha Stewart [youtube] - crack whore needs another quaalude.

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