Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mad old guy claims jerking keeps you young. On Fox News.

The woman is just sitting there is thinking "OhMyBod!" And the dude on the far end can't even function...probably been a while huh? Gotta give that anchor some credit, he handled himself really well sitting next to a guy old enough (and crusty enough) to be Hugh Hef's grandfather. Like geez, Hankin gets creeped out when I pack a banana with my lunch.

Ernie here knows what's up. Effin 91-years-old. His spank bank repertoire's gotta go way back to the black and white silent theater. At least when he does cross over, he'll be going into the ground stiff as a board. He just wrecked every "you'll grow hair on your knuckles" myth ever. Good news: Justin Bieber can finally become a man. Or at least he can start twerking working.

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