Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Think of it as skipping hand-in-hand through a minefield...or times square.

"Dinner for Schmucks" with Paul Rudd/Steve Carrell

The New! department had a night out on The BossMan. Sometimes Cubicle Land has its perks.

Our tight-knit family of 23 got the VIP treatment for a job well done. Ah, the fruits of our labor! It's the type of occasion that only happens on occasion. It varies from happy hours, to lunches, to fine-dining on a Tuesday night. Spreading enough time between occasions is key to relieving any awkward tension from whoever royally embarrassed themselves on the latest occasion (imagine what the hiatus was like after our cruise...).

It's when we get to plan out a day-to-night outfit and act in our 'off-the-clock' character with The Management. Think of it as skipping hand-in-hand through a minefield. Play safe.

Which begs the question of character. Do we really know the people we sit next to for 8-12 hours each day? WHO, in fact, is the man huddled in his cubicle next to you?? Sorry I meant 'person'...who is the person huddled in their cubicle. That's HR friendly, right?

I digress...Let's peel back some layers:

RonTheIntern - is no longer an intern. but a pillar in the New! department. he's the go-to guy; if you have questions, he's got answers. the peanut to your butter. the Google to your search. i knew he had the spark when i took him under my wing, and now he's blossomed into a full-timer that has been building and keeping this New! department afloat...we re-dub thee: RONBON
RonBon's quiet confidence, hard-earned success was rewarded with applause & recognition last night (which looks great in your wallet). His New! family demanded a speech! Standing up on his chair, addressing the frenzied mass of wine-stained smiles and carpal tunnel fork-holders, he declared:

>> "I've been here almost 7 months - and it's safe to say: I hate you almost as much as I hate my own family."

Simple. Elegant.

FunFetti and I were FLOORED by his panache! Sipping his White Russian only made it easier to adore more. He turned to us, and stated, "You mistake my quietness for shyness; there's a whole other side of me you have no idea about."



Great thing we learned about RonBon today? HE WAS A CAST MEMBER ON JACKASS!

RonBon running through Times Square in nothing but a Speedo!

Wonder what the AP will learn about FunFetti this Friday...

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