Friday, January 28, 2011

Well played, Groupon. Well played.

What's greater than spam?  Nothing.  Junk email sucks.  And these days you're punching in your email on every website, redbox, and McDonald's register.  Of course I don't want two-for-one fishsticks.  That's why I have two emails.

Since I've boycotted any website with on of those "first you must enter your email - this is a secure system" boxes that pops up, I've avoided Groupon at all cost.  A stand-off, battle of wills.  Who wants to see all the great meals/deals that they can't budget?  Tease.

I went onto Groupon the other day since my roommate saw a 'great deal' on tickets or something that would take me weeks of can & bottle collecting to afford.  In my moment of weakness/curiousity, I caved.  Enter: email...And didn't even buy that day's deal!

Today's Groupon...$10 FOR $20 AT BEERS OF THE WORLD.

Bought four.


  1. WHAT?! want. now. just picture: sun, warmth, a stogie and a good beer...what could get better? lets get ON it.

  2. stogie is a must! you just painted the most beautiful image. one last thing: way-farer shades. notch!