Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's about to get really inappropriate (and by that I mean "politically correct" and "wholesome")

Thank you, StoolLaLa, for rendering me inept.  All hail "Chase No Face"

[Chase No Face has a blog.]

Let me break it down.  This is a cat that was in an accident as a kitten.  Therefore it only has three legs and, oh yeah it's fkn face is melted off like a cyborg.

And I'm speechless, still absolutely hysterical over the fact that there are pictures ALL OVER THE INTERNET OF THIS AWFUL CREATURE.  I hate cats.  Not really a secret.  Get them away from me or it's getting an Ugg to the ribcage.  But Chase No Face - damnit, J-woww and I were in fits of tears over Chase No Face.  Our joy was effectively sickening to Jamieson.

But Jamieson's grandfather "invented the modern way to give a dog a hysterectomy".



So we're even.

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