Sunday, July 10, 2011

Touchdown: Teen Wolf's Funny or Die

There's only one way to describe this:  obession.  I know right?  Talk about lady wood*

Aside from Pacman's arrest, Steelers' Ward charged with a DUI, and Eagles' Jackson under fire for gay slurs - ain't nothing like Teen Wolf turning up the Twilight spotlight for America's favorite fall ball.

Let's take a moment to salute this fine young man for taking a stand on something other than politics.  And Gen Y has been relying on LeBron James and Lindsey Lohan for too long.  Can't get no respect around here!

You think he'll co-star in a YouTube short with me?  A viral video should say it all.  My weekly letters to that fuh-iiiiiiiine QB must be getting kicked to spam or I mean he probably just hasn't mentioned the urgent nature of our correspondence to the mail man yet (who must be on vacation anyways)...right?
((*lady wood is a special term, courtesy my pal Pat. still struggling with his blog name. help a girl out!!))

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