Sunday, February 27, 2011

When the seasons change, we fear the ventilation control.

It's all good when the weather's bad.  And The Office is warmer than your bachelor pad.  Holy controller!

The winter season means cheer! and festive little light bulbs that co-workers string around their cubicle walls.  Maybe even tossed up a little tinsel; hung up hidden mistle toe.  it's fun!  and we're all but clapping each other on the back with the Bailey's in hand.  everyone's happy and up for cozy caroling.

Spring thaw?  FAIL.

FunFetti and I have been sweating out this thaw with a vengance.  Management's efforts to keep everyone comfortable when the mercury plummets has effectively sizzled our sensors.  To the point of dehydration.

If you come down to the 8th, it has NOT been turned into a Cafe Con Piernas (check it chilean style) especially since coffee invoices have been slashed - we're just losing layers on account of ventilation/heat control.  Sparing the sweat pools.  Don't get too excited cuz the dudes outnumber us like 80:2. 

Ay BuckWild - and anyone else on the 9th and 10th floor igloos - fleece blanket is freshly pressed and up for grabs.  Bring your best bribe.

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