Friday, February 18, 2011

Sports Illustrated Style Watch absolutely just made my morning.

Larry Brown in 1975
...HAHAHAHAHAH tell me your eyes didn't just zero in on that fantastic farmer joe moose knuckle. That is so wrong! Did the team bring pitchforks? Hahahaha...vom. Better yet. Check out the announcers in the background. They just cannot get enough of that. Please, enjoy the rest of the slideshow: photos

By now, if you're like me and work efficiently through the will definitely need a 5 minute break. But you've clicked on the usual sites at least 34 zillion times already this week.

So when you're done thanking God and consumerism for the flat irons and Abercrombie trends of the new millennium, a couple extra treats/links below:

i like you like you.

"rebellion is the only thing that keeps you alive" (annnnnd Decadent Lifestyle which is not suitable for work or small children...but just do it anyways. for me?)

For the 90s kid in all of us.

AND FINALLY, since it's Friday. Go top shelf today...and get it in.

funny gifs

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