Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cubicle Land; Across State Lines.

A good friend of mine recently graduated (Masters. pshh.) - and officially has a full-time cubicle job. We'll refer to her as JG.

Congrats and welcome to college with a paycheck!!

Fresh-pressed and ready to take on the world! It's awesome knowing that Cubicle Land is omnipresent and exactly the same even across state lines.

Today's quote of the day, courtesy of the newb...
JG: now is the time i wish i had kids to decorate my cube with their stupid artwork
What...mardi gras beads and family portraits aren't getting the job done?? It's cuz she hasn't been Ron'd with a myriad of doodles and underhanded cubicle paraphernalia. Luck of the draw.

JG adds to your daily amusement (and mine) :

...yeah, not sure I get it either??

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