Sunday, July 29, 2012

Closing Time - Part III: The many thanks

So before the final sign off, there are many thanks:

The FWG - for some reason, this blog showed you that I was up to snuff to write for you. I don't question your judgement. I appreciate all of the opportunities. Now that your blog has incidentally started spamming my email address, I can't help but wonder if it's karma for getting too busy to keep up with FWG. For that, I'm sorry. FWG was a good time.

Cubies - hahahahahahahah WTF WERE WE THINKING

Pod Snack-A-Lot - the originals (please refer to the first post ever)

My roommates new and old - bitch sessions, laugh out louds, and stories; let's keep a good thing going.

J-woww - we still send mostly-daily emails with Internet goods, gossip, and anything else that gets us through the day. Forever cube buddies. Thanks for getting me to the bar.

J-fizz - if anyone knows everything it's you. What's that saying...a good friend bails you out of jail; but a true friend is sitting next to you in the cell.  A story has a beginning, a middle, an end; a listener, a teller, a character or two. Thank you for being all of those - and for instigating, jesting, and humoring all/most situations that I end up in.

My parents - you may have been resistant to read the blog; and that's okay. Now sometimes you read without telling me! Sneaky parents, you probably shouldn't be privvy to a lot of these stories. But I think we're on to something great here so remember: everything I am is despite of and because of you. Thanks.

My grandmother - my grandmother is so cool. She texts, Skypes, and knows how to have a cocktail. She has the good grace to put me in my place when I was blogging in haste and remind me that actions have consequences.

The neighbors - thanks for enjoying the stories, and ya know supporting my career.

Gym peeps - for laughing with me, and at me. You've made mornings fun, and give me something to look forward to after a long day under the flourescent light. Thanks for giving me hope that there's life after Cubicle Land...and for the bits of advice and lots of support in life (and now my career). Clearly, I've needed it.

The Office - ah, some formidable years. Hopefully I'll never walk the 8th again, but maybe someday up to the 12th wouldn't be so bad.  The Management could have used some...I dunno...boundaries, legal implications, and/or moral compass. However, there was no better place to start. Really we can only smile because it can only get better than that.

The New Office - you aight. The Office may have jaded me; so pleaseandthankyou for your patience.

Cubies (again) - the reign and times of Cubicle Land are being carried on by Barstool. Get after it:  Barstool Cubicle Chronicles

Is this the end? Yes. For Cubicle Land, it absolutely is. This blog has served its wonderful, frightening purpose.  Since there's still living to do, I'm sure you'll find my latest ventures somewhere in the spin cycle of Google searches.

Or maybe I'll start posting pictures of my meals and bombing Facebook statuses with terrible insights and daily milestones. Yolo.

Final thoughts: Make some stories. And rock it out. Don't be regretful, know that it was exactly what you wanted at the time. People will judge you. Whatever. Now go tell someone because they can probably one-up you and make you feel way better about yourself.  Oh yeah: and when in doubt, put out.

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