Thursday, July 19, 2012

Duckface STFU moment

Hahaha! We've all seen the duckface pics that chicks are putting up these days. J-fizz sent me this very educational post on the duckface and its origin.  Yolo fa'sho sho.  Hahaha, make ya think twice before striking that pose.  Or maybe it seems all too familiar to you...

Ish. Anyways.

So I laughed after seeing that text.  Then I went to my kitchen (crawlspace).

I rummaged. Grabbed the carton of milk and looked around to see if anyone was looking while I drank out of it (nobody was looking. phew.) - right as I took a swig I saw this tacked up on our fridge:

LMAO. Right????? STFU. Hard.

P.S. I dropped the carton of milk. Haha.

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