Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What 12:30pm means to me (a poem)

*this post was inspired by J-woww

I really have nothing else to say
If you text me, halfway through the day
Declaring: I'm just waking up

Oh. Sorry that you're well-rested
But my patience is getting tested
Because the rest of the working world has been up since dawn.

We've gulped down coffee, eaten several meals
Emailed the hell out of co-workers and convinced ourselves that gremlins are real
(Seriously because everything is missing from the fridge)

Yes. 12:30 pm means I'm knee deep in Corporate waste.

Lunch is from 12 to 1
Were you under the impression that I could scoot out for some fun?

I'm debating a 20minute nap, trying to drag my ass through the next four hours at my desk.


Is that some sick joke? Waking up after noon?? That's when I go for a midday cruise and a motivational pep talk (from self) to scrape through the remainder of the calendar's events. Wtf.

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