Thursday, July 19, 2012

US cougar capital caters to mother fckers

This ad is pretty awesome and may possibly be America's saving grace.

Can you imagine driving past that on 490? Hoodrats would be in a 30 car pile-up screaming all that 'well I NEVER...!' and 'OH MY WORD!?'.

Right. "I would never want a younger man to hit on me" said no housewife ever.

That is direct marketing at its finest. A good way to make sure you're reaching your target audience is to completely offend/repel others. I'd respond very well to something like "we got balls" know, for any lacrosse equipment I may need.

Still though, what ever happened to the thrill of the hunt? Just because these broads are mom'd up and coked out doesn't mean that all romance should be cast aside like their fake eyelashes and 6" stilletto at 4am from a weeknight bender. Hopefully those mother fckers can sack up.

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