Sunday, July 29, 2012

Closing Time - Part II: Is there Life after Cubicle Land?

Have we made it? Nah. But we're getting the hang of it.

After college graduation, I had unpacked the last bundle of clothes in my childhood room and stood there to wonder why my expectations of finding a rich husband at college had fallen short. "Where," I wondered, "is my sugar daddy?" My parents, like most of yours, were married between age 22-25.
Wtf is that noise, right??

Let's draw a quick comparison chart:
  • 24 I was single...very - 24 my parents were HITCHED
  • 24 I had just lost my first job - 24 my father had been promoted at his job...sorry, CAREER
  • 24 I had just moved back in with my parents - 24 my parents were already settled in their HOUSE
Now that the obvious has been made more obvious - let's find someone to blame for why we can't have everything we ever wanted. Just kidding.

As this blog sprouted and flourished it afforded me more fun, a better outlet, and numerous (sometimes prosperous) opportunities. Advice moment: find a hobby and go with it, if you can make money doing so then great; but if it does nothing more than make you smile and connect with this world and other people in it, then that's gold and don't let it go.

During that time between 23/24, we kicked more into the twenty-something groove. It's less scary, but sometimes we had to wonder if we were settling. Don't think that. Know that you're enjoying, taking it all, yolo...right? I mean don't literally sit around doing nothing; always move and work towards something - otherwise you WILL get stuck in this vortex. Simply put: Just make sure you know people who've 'made it', and hang out with people who want to 'make it' someday.

At some point in between the THEN and the NOW, we grew up. Cubicle Land is a place that we all know, but we aren't there physically or mentally any more. Trust me...Cubicle Land can be a mentality if you let it...DON'T. I'm just glad that those times, memories, and cracks weren't missed. They'll forever be here on the interwebs.

We have real jobs now. Some even have careers. We're making our marks!

A whole lot of growing up happened and I don't really know when, but it did. Cubicle Land had a purpose - it was to give a voice to the telemarketer, the intern, the entry-level, the first-timer, the newbie. Google 'twenty-something' right now.  There are a LOT of voices out there. We should be so proud.

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