Sunday, July 29, 2012

Closing Time - Part I: We're not Struggling Twenty-somethings Any More

What's life like for a twenty-something?

My parents, aunts, uncles, elders, neighbors, etc. are always good about staying up on what us kids are up to nowadays. Rightfully so - this world is vastly different from theirs.

But spelling things out for them can get tough. Life as a twenty-something can be described in pictures: somewhere in between THIS* and THAT. I mean, don't fall into some pit of despair and don't get too carried away - strive for that happy medium.

When Cubicle Land was a newborn blog almost 3 (*gasp) years ago, I was closer to the "holy sh!t, m*ther fck, gag me with a spoon" stage of twenty-something. That stage is characterized by a lot of freaking out about your future (since the one you had imagined is obliterated by the Real World, federal taxes, and having your parents as roommates). It's an unfortunate existence.

And I'm kind of sick of everyone telling us how to be. Let's get our own agendas, shall we? Auntie Em, we're not struggling twenty-somethings anymore!

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