Sunday, October 2, 2011

Doin It.

Since my new co-workers are in their 50s and Blogger is blocked by the New Office (and for a while I didn't even have co-workers, just baby formula and AddictingGames), Cubicle Land is now overwhelmed with my blossoming social life and shit that nobody cares about.  Plus, I've been really well-behaved.

Don't worry, I'm not thrilled about it either.

So I've picked up a few drifters to fill the void of cubicle voices, characters, personalities.  Yup.  Found them at a local dive bar called Thirsty's.  They're named PT, my boy T, and Betty (but you all knew Betty from before...ish).

A young lady asked PT out on a mini-date last week.  She suggested that they attend a comedy show at the Local University:
YoungLadyYeah, it'll be like a mini date!
PT: ...what's a mini date?
YoungLadyWe go out, and have fun.  But we don't sleep together.
...come on.  Not even a blowjob??  Sometimes you gotta put your foot down and insist on a good old fashioned lunch date.

HAHA.  I wonder if the best things in life aren't free.

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