Wednesday, April 6, 2011

oh no. you d'int.

MMMMmmmMMM. Suga' Mama (papa?) was rocking and rolling through Bingo last Friday.

This hottie was the queen bee of the dobber gang. And you have NO idea what I went through for this snap shot. Holy crap J-fizz pretty much lost it when the flash went off. Whoops!

But clearly we've found where we fit in. The always tactful, 100% tasteless tour-de-force: the Bingo Hall.

Not that any monies are ever banked. But after a swift sweep of the crowd, you recognize that you're winning in this little game called measure of muffin top, tooth count, and number of functional organs. Poor lil T was in sensory overload!

Instead of going straight to happy hour, where everyone knows your name, rock out your best threads for a feel-good game of sheer dumb luck.

As FunFetti puts it: she definitely brought her night purse.

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