Thursday, March 1, 2012

New Tapper Wrapper: "where did you wear it"

May I have your attention please! There is a new condom that let's you check in online, then rate the experience.  This is a legit promo from Planned Parenthood, and it's an article you absolutely must read. Excuse me while I clean up the coffee that was spilled all over my two keyboards in pure, utter awe.

I mean. I'm really more of an under the radar, on top of the dryer, forever kind of girl.

The "Where Did You Wear It" wrappers have QR codes (those strange maze-looking squares you now see on everything...newsflash: it's communism.) - so scan it with your smartphone and your business is all over the World Wide Web!

Hot damn!!!!!  People are really that dumb! This is absolutely fan-fkn-tastic. A total of 55,000 were distributed and shit's about to get hot and heavy - and not fertilized!  My mind is racing:

Where AREN'T you gonna break it down?  Does the laundry room have a Google Maps location? What happens if it breaks? What happens if it sucks? Can you upload photos? Who came first (the chicken, or the egg, duh)? Is it strictly a 'one-time use' thing? Are there time stamps? Awards for multiple...updates?

And how many licks does it actually take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?

Ughhhh. Thank you Planned Parenthood for crushing any doubt I ever had in social media and Smartphones to ruin the thrill of a shotgun lunch date.  Eff the wrappers - if we're about to get down to business and you're busy whipping out your phone and not your (ish) on tweeting someone else's twitter.

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