Sunday, August 28, 2011

School Bus Yellow, hello!

The Fam road tripped to drop off my brother for Move In Day.  In a town that boasts Lane Bryant and Wal-Mart as its two hot spots.  On a campus that had a large cross on every building, a church standing as the focal point.

My mother fretted.  My father cried. I laughed.

Man!  I was scared shitless for college.  And I cried like a 13-yr-old girl who got cut from rec softball (wait a minute...).  But hey I turned out okay!  Only afterward did shit hit the fan.

Ah, youth!

I maintained a healthy distance from the ruins of room arranging.  Except for my one contribution:

Cubes.  Obviously!

Listen up, undergrads: Rock out the knowledge. Hard.

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