Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Book Your Tour: Nothing lowers ticket prices like a sex scandal!

(CNN) -- Widely circulated photos of Cathay Pacific crew members apparently engaged in a sex act have postponed the launch of an airline ad campaign.

The slogan: "meet the team who go the extra mile to make you feel special."
[j-fizz, i'm waiting on your one-liner!]

Wow.  I am like, totally surprised.  There goes the airline industry.

The gall!  The nerve!  For two, unattached co-workers to bring shame to their bosses and families by bumping uglies...Saddle up Sally, nobody saw this one coming.

 But score one for the passengers.  I bet Cathay Pacific will let you check 3 bags now.  Shout out to all any peeps who have ever flown anywhere.  You step off that aircraft and either want a stiff drink, or a stiff one.  You are thinking, "Hell YEAH I didn't fall out of the sky!  Nope!  Not today!"

**secondly.  what marketing guru hit up that slogan: 'meet the team who go the extra mile...' - grammar check that shit and put in your resignation.  punk.**

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